New Year's Eve Gala 2017



This mulit- course dinner includes wine parings from Sommelier Christina Pedersen with dishes prepared by Chef's Olney & Joseph Kliewer



Caviar & Accoutrements: Tender Baluga caviar served with toast ponts and accoutrements.

Wine Paring: TBD



Lobster Bisque: Tender lobster slowly simmered with fresh vegetables and herbs, then blended and finished with heavy cream and butter, with a drizzle of Amantiallto Sherry.

Wine Paring: TBD


Grilled Endive: Grilled endive, green apples and goat cheese dressed with a pear and rosemary vinegrette.

Wine Paring: TBD



 Tattinger's Brut Champagne, France with candied hibiscus flowers



Steamed Asparagus 



Filet Mignon: Bacon wrapped filet mignon topped with a creamy bernaise sauce alongside roasted red potatoes with parsley butter. Add a lobster tail $15

Wine Pairing: TBD


Stuffed Quail:  Tender quail stuffed with a musrhoom chestnut bread pudding and served on a bed fresh sauteed spinach.

Wine Paring: TBD


Catch of the Day:  Fish to be dertermined based on seasonal avalabilty, announced two days before dinner.

Wine Paring: TBD



Crepe Suzette done table side

Wine Paring:  TBD



Hand Made Truffles

Wine Paring: 30 Year Tawny Porto, Portugal


$90 per person

$35 addtional for wine pairing

                               Pianist Mark Johnson will be performing for the evening.